Northern Flickers- Botanicollage with Caryn Cline

Northern Flickers- Botanicollage with Caryn Cline (Evergreen Visiting Faculty)

Northern, The Olympia All Ages Project

Thursday, March 13, 2014 at 7:00pm

Northern Flickers presents live and in-person for one night only
Caryn Cline
plus three by Mel
a showing of short experimental films
Thursday, March 13th @ 7pm

Film Still from “In the Conservatory”

The program includes:

“In the Conservatory” (2010, 16mm film, 5 minutes)
Starring euphorbia splendens (“crown of thorns”), variegated ivy, zygocactus (“Christmas cactus”), coleus, clerodendrum (“glory bower”), orchid, euphorbia fulgens, adiantum raddianum (“maidenhair fern”), and acalypha wilkesiana (“copper leaf”) collected and reanimated from a gray winter day in Seattle’s Volunteer Park Conservatory.

Film still from “Botanicollage”

“Botanicollage” (2011, .mov, 3 minutes)
Workshop film made by Evergreen students.

Students in the “Botany: Plants and People” class at The Evergreen State College produced handmade frames on 16mm film that were combined, digitized, extended and edited by their workshop teacher, filmmaker Caryn Cline. Caryn also created the soundtrack, working with a jazz song by Chuck Metcalf combined with the sounds of people at play, recorded in Riverside Park, New York City.

Film Still from “Equinox”

“Equinox,” (2011, .mov, 5 minutes)
A botanicollage film in which 16mm, hole-punched black frames, their inner circles filled with plants gleaned in Seattle, animated and optically printed by filmmaker Caryn Cline, interact with the complex rhythms of Barcelona-born, New York-trained composer and jazz bassist Alexis Cuadrado’s group, Noneto Ibérico.

Film still from “Left Side, Riverside”

“Left Side, Riverside” (2011, .mov, 8 minutes)
An experimental document of the filmmaker’s experience of Riverside Park, on the left side of Manhattan. The film combines “live action” footage and in-camera double exposures. This footage is then further layered by superimposing and bi-packing the camera footage with handmade and hand-painted film frames created by the filmmaker from plants and flowers she gleaned in Riverside Park. The ambient sounds come from both Riverside Park and the filmmaker’s childhood home in northeastern Missouri.

Film still from “Compost Confidential”

“Compost Confidential” (2012, .mov, 4 minutes)

A recycled film that addresses our culture of waste. According to a Cornell University research report, eleven thousand tons of trash a day are discarded in New York City, and 15 to 40% is food scraps that could and should be composted. In “Compost Confidential,” handmade botanicollage film frames, saved from unrealized projects, were put in a compost bin, left for several weeks, then retrieved and optically-printed. In the printing process, the sprocket holes themselves, usually outside of the frame, were intentionally revealed as an element inside the frame. The soundtrack, recycled from an audio project, features interviews with urban composters at the Union Square Greenmarket in New York City.

Film still from “Perchance”

“Perchance” (2008, .mov, 3.5 minutes)
A young boy in an regimented world dreams of a different, freer self. Using found footage from two educational films, the filmmaker chose, combined, optically-printed and edited scenes to create a new story. Original score by Melissa Grey.

Plus some serendipitous CC surprises . . .

3 Films by
Melissa Friedling

Garden Roll Bounce Parking Lot 4.5 min
Urine My Bed 3.5 min
The Slouch 3 min