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freewrite: a home poem.

home was heavy black eyeliner listening to the same CDs in my dark hot room     couldn’t go out to play in the streets that killed my brother’s senior   or over to stay with friends because you never… Continue Reading →

katchi kapshida (we go together)

My body remembers Korea. My fingers, cheeks and toes remember the bitter bone deep chill of Korean winters. Frostbite from a winter training exercise is my constant reminder of my time in the snow capped mountains. I am now forever… Continue Reading →

Resources on Nelson Shin.

Nelson Shin briefly reunified North & South Korea through animation! The movie Empress Chung tells the story referenced in The Forgotten Country and was the first film to be simultaneously released in both Koreas since the DMZ went up! I’m… Continue Reading →

I’ve gotta dissect the concept of “Asia”, especially in relation to “America”.

Asia is huuuuuuge. Astoundingly huge. Like, “can’t fit the whole continent into my browser in Google Earth” huge. Like, one border is in arctic Russia and its opposite is in tropical Indonesia huge. Asia is both the largest and most populous… Continue Reading →

snips on Better Luck Tomorrow

Before watching the movie, my expectation was that the film would focus on murdering the model minority myth. I wasn’t disappointed. random fact: MC Hammer was a last minute angel investor of this film.   concepts explored: Asian Americans as… Continue Reading →

The Tacoma Method meets Fantastic Resistance

I was introduced to the Tacoma Chinese Reconciliation Park this spring. Since coming to Evergreen, I’ve had the delightful privilege of meeting and learning with two awesome faculty members, Pauline Yu and Steven Flusty (both Ph.D). My last class with Steven… Continue Reading →

A running list of Asian-American influence in my life.

Food: Kimchi (South Korea) Sriracha (Thailand) Ramen (Japan) Pho (Vietnam)   Media (overwhelmingly Japanese anime): Fist of the North Star Samurai X/Rurouni Kenshin Sailor Moon Dragon Ball Z Pokemon Enter the Dragon (Chinese) Jackie Chan Adventures (Chinese American)   Music:… Continue Reading →

Reflecting on When the Emperor was Divine

I found Julie Otsuka’s debut novel to be a beautifully devastating ode to her family’s lived experiences during internment. I appreciated the author’s somber and matter-of-fact tone. Though the book is thin in relation to its page count, not a… Continue Reading →

freewrite: spanish moss in the garden of good & evil

i come from wide thick ancient trunks with roots so strong, they occasionally break through concrete. my coastal city’s skyline competes with a canopy of lush crisscrossing branches & leaves. every tree limb is bearded with a soft gray fuzz,… Continue Reading →

class notes: 10/4

goal for this quarter: work thru the messiness!   terms: POPULAR CULTURE   as process history as evidence artifacts as practice/performance functional item in a person’s life     “popular culture is meaningless” – Tony Bennett   Clifford Goertz: “simply… Continue Reading →

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