home was heavy black eyeliner

listening to the same CDs

in my dark hot room



couldn’t go out to play

in the streets that

killed my brother’s senior


or over to stay with friends

because you never know

who’s in someone’s house


so home was where

i sat

i read

i wrote

i thought


&& then,

discovered the internet

& learned i could

see &

speak to

the world


before i left high school

i decided i’d


the seaport city


& my too-full house


the same one

where my Grandmama

& Granddaddy

raised her brother &

my Mama


where they all

in turn

raised my dear brothers &



(alongside the songs,

games & TV)


home was what

i was willing to

give up

to seek

what i wanted.



once i left,

all i wanted

was to

go home.