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The Tacoma Method meets Fantastic Resistance

I was introduced to the Tacoma Chinese Reconciliation Park this spring. Since coming to Evergreen, I’ve had the delightful privilege of meeting and learning with two awesome faculty members, Pauline Yu and Steven Flusty (both Ph.D). My last class with Steven… Continue Reading →

A running list of Asian-American influence in my life.

Food: Kimchi (South Korea) Sriracha (Thailand) Ramen (Japan) Pho (Vietnam)   Media (overwhelmingly Japanese anime): Fist of the North Star Samurai X/Rurouni Kenshin Sailor Moon Dragon Ball Z Pokemon Enter the Dragon (Chinese) Jackie Chan Adventures (Chinese American)   Music:… Continue Reading →

Reflecting on When the Emperor was Divine

I found Julie Otsuka’s debut novel to be a beautifully devastating ode to her family’s lived experiences during internment. I appreciated the author’s somber and matter-of-fact tone. Though the book is thin in relation to its page count, not a… Continue Reading →

Resources on Asian American Resistance

Article on the Roots: Asian American Movements in Los Angeles 1968–80s exhibit in the Los Angeles Chinese American Museum, posted 1/30/2017 2011 article containing archives of 1970s API American resistance in San Francisco 9/19/2017 article on the intersections of Chicanx and… Continue Reading →

Scattered First Impressions – Week 1

Ghost in the Shell Whitewashing weakened the narrative, complicated the setting, and generally made me wish I’d just watched the anime instead. Japanese soul/consciousness — the ghost — becomes the “perfect fusion of human and machine” when a (military?? government??… Continue Reading →

Hints of home.

Humid Beach Warm Bejeweled Slow cooked Fried food Inviting Introspective Sweet (tea) Sweet (potato pie) Sweet (disposition) Spanish moss Historic Displaced Dispersed Vibrant Lush Flood prone Optimistic Loud laughs Musical Self-respect Self-defense Rendered invisible Drankin Sangin Dancin Spiritual Children come… Continue Reading →

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