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M. Chagall, Jacob’s Dream

This intensive-weekend, 8-credit program will meet from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays of four weekends. Tentative dates are Oct. 3-4, Oct. 17-18, Nov. 7-8, and Dec. 4-5-6.

All human societies and cultures express their relationship to spirit through art. Art is the earliest and most enduring expression of humanity. For community and the individual, art can be a practice of connecting with higher consciousness and with the spirit. In today’s global community it is important to understand art of other cultures and by so doing to awaken art within oneself.

Children naturally understand the importance of art and are creating art constantly in their play. All children are artists and all can paint, play, sing, and dance. In the modern, industrial world this natural need and ability can often become suppressed and lost. Modern educators need to be confident in their own artistic abilities and trained in communication across cultures so they can support children’s healthy development.

The students in this half time interdisciplinary program will practice making art as an expression of spiritual connection with the community and the world while examining myths and world religions as they have been shaped by cultures and landscapes of the past. Students will also examine cultural influences and pressures of today’s global society and will investigate the importance of preserving and developing cultural and artistic traditions. Students will engage in traditional academic study such as reading, writing, and seminars and will also engage in art making, meditation, and the practice of Tai Ji. Students will participate in their community’s spiritual practices and will cultivate their own spiritual, meditative, and artistic life. In addition to classroom study, students will participate in a two-day mediation retreat and will go on field trips to explore art and spiritual resources in the community.