Blakes Washington experience!!

Sounds of the small scale "City"

The Coming of Sound

Well here I am In Olmypia Washington trying to figure out what I’m doing with my travel arrangements and as I am sitting by the bay listening to the waves splash, and the birds speak, and the people playing I… Continue Reading →

The Art Of Travel week 1

Response to week 1 The Art Of Travel (Alain de Botton) I was strikingly amazed so far not just by this book’s individuality, but also by the way it resonated with some of my own experiences and questions. “If it… Continue Reading →

Before I go Part 2

In this first WordPress site post compose a pre-field study well-edited post of 750 words that captures your preconceptions/expectations/anticipations and preparation concerning your spring field study. On this trip I am leaving with zero expectations. So that my mind is… Continue Reading →


Create a week-by-week calendar/itinerary of research work, city exploration, and event attendance. weeks before I leave I will be going to Seattle and attending olympia music concerts, as well as reading up before I go. Week 1 Arrive in Sacramento… Continue Reading →

The Evergreen State College

This is where it all started!! Leaving from This place on my Journey to Southern California.

So my apartment does not have much furniture in it. so I took the opportunity to look at my space as a open canyon. I yelled, whispered, talked, sang, ect. To realize I could hear almost everything from my room…. Continue Reading →

Before I Leave

Before I leave for my Field study I need to turn in the my paper work for getting more money to travel. I need to situate my hold on my account with media load. I need to make sure i… Continue Reading →

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