Year: 2010

Caching Now Active is now caching pages to improve server performance How does it work? The first time a page is requested it is dynamically generated and served up, a cache file is then also created and stored. The second time the

WordPress Upgrade

We’ve upgraded WordPress to the latest version 3.0.1. This was a major upgrade and affected many plugins and themes. If your site does not appear to be working like it used to you may need to: reactivate your plugins change

Add Your Avatar

Avatars are now available. You can add a user avatar (that will be displayed in posts) or blog avatar that will be displayed on the front page of See the computing help docs wiki for instructions on adding your

Redesign for

We’ve finally launched the new redesign. A big part of this redesign was looking for ways we could make it easier for the community to discover each other’s work. The new design features: planet style listing of the most

New Privacy Settings

New privacy settings are now available for your blog! From the dashboard go to Settings > Privacy to see new additional options.

Next-Gen Gallery updated

Next-Gen Gallery Users: This plugin has been updated. Your galleries will not work until you update your galleries. Go to the Next-Gen Gallery admin area and click “Start upgrade now…”