Category: System Updates

WordPress upgrade to 4.4

WordPress running at and has been upgrade to version 4.4. Additionally all plugin and themes have had the latest updates applied.

Google Calendar Events plugin updated

The Google Calendar Events plugin has been updated. If you were using this plugin on your site you will need to need to update the shortcode used in your posts/pages. See the developer’s site for more info.

WordPress images automatically resize on upload

With a 100MB upload quota, running out of space has been a problem for many site owners using images on For most, the issue lies with uploading high resolution, unprocessed images straight from a digital camera to the image library. These

WordPress upgraded to 3.9.2

What’s New at General The “update” message has been restored to the dashboard Posts Add “Return to post editor” link from Revisions screen A “View Post” link will now show for any post an author can read Distraction Free

New version of WordPress for 2014 is now running the latest version of WordPress 3.8. See what’s new in this release!

You asked, we installed: new plugins at

Since the start of Fall quarter we’ve added the following new WordPress plugins to make work the way you want it to.   Avatars – upload you own custom avatar to your profile or blog avatar for your site.

What’s new at

We’ve recently upgraded to the latest version of WordPress. See what’s new and different at

We’re now running the latest version of WordPress

To find out more about the new features and changes to WordPress, please see: If you have any questions or concerns please email us or call the Computer Center at 360-867-6231.

Caching Now Active is now caching pages to improve server performance How does it work? The first time a page is requested it is dynamically generated and served up, a cache file is then also created and stored. The second time the

WordPress Upgrade

We’ve upgraded WordPress to the latest version 3.0.1. This was a major upgrade and affected many plugins and themes. If your site does not appear to be working like it used to you may need to: reactivate your plugins change