A solo piano composition by Benjamin Kapp

Performed by Hannah Ziff

Recorded by Kaila Marfori & Carson Smith


Hannah & Kaila in the Studio

Microphones used:


RE- 16

Studio Projects C4



Production description:

We started by placing an XY pair of TS-1 microphones near the interior of the piano where the bass and treble strings cross. This produced a  nice clear sound and helped to bring  out a lot of warmth for the overall tone.  A PZM was placed directly under the piano and proved to bring out a great attack and clear sound which blended well with the TS-1’s . We also set up pair of stereo room microphones which captured a lot of the natural reverb and ambience of the recital hall.  An RE –  16 was used in fairly close proximity to the piano that produced mostly harsh tones that although not entirely desirable on it’s own, did ended up being useful in the final mix.

After we got the take which everyone was satisfied with I started building a fresh mix using the API console.  I then ran back into digital performer and recorded an additional set of tracks.  By making use of the easy volume automation in digital performer I carefully blended the original files with the ones I ran back through the API, fading in and out various microphones depending on the level of ambience I thought the mood dictated in regards original score.


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