Alexis Murray (CEO) is a current undergraduate student pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Biology. With a background in mycology and botany, she strives to continually encourage communal efforts of bio-remediation. As a team member she provides a contrasting approach at coral reef regeneration by applying progressive techniques and innovative ways of thinking.

Raven Hutchinson (Secretary) is a senior at Evergreen State College completing her pursuits in Environmental Science and Social Justice. She is a problem solver and a visionary who works towards finding solutions to environmental and social issues that affect both local and far reaching communities around the world. Raven’s academic focus on Aquatic Ecosystems, Infrastructure, Policy and Anthropogenic impacts combined with her skills as a builder, designer, consultant and naturalist bring together a unique perspective, with creative solutions to today’s environmental and social challenges.

Gianna Guerra is currently an undergraduate student (Junior) at The Evergreen State College, studying a wide variety of Earth sciences. She has studied oceanography, botany, biology, geology, and geography in hopes to find a career where she can study all science subjects. She takes great pride in her education and spreading her knowledge about the planet to everyone. She is chasing her goals to help the environment and all the ecosystems that co-exist with humans on Earth.

Kody Ludwig (CFO) is currently a senior at the Evergreen State College,  studying Marine Science. From taking a wide variety of science classes and changing majors, he has a background in Geology, environmental studies, forest ecology, earth sciences, and chemistry. Along with his Bachelor’s of Science degree in Marine science, he is also obtaining a bachelors of arts in Environmental studies. Through his knowledge of corals and the ocean he wishes to spread education and awareness of the necessity for restoring our marine life to a healthy ecosystem. His final goal is to obtain  PHD in Marine Biology and become a major director of NOAA.

Max Dolphin (CIO) is a computer science student at The Evergreen State College, where he learned programming, mathematics, statistics, and web security. He has a wide knowledge of the various technologies and programming paradigms utilized in modern businesses. He has also studied both marketing and strategic planning, as well as the historical influences of cultures in the near east.