Coral Connections brings the reef to you by creating exhibitions that can travel to wherever their needed. These mobile exhibits bring living coral, the coral skeletons, and virtual reality technology to give you a chance to touch, see, and learn about coral reefs and their ecology. Coral Connections staffs educated professionals capable and willing to teach your event about the biology, structure, and importance of corals. We are a non-profit organization that uses the surplus income to research how to better protect and regenerate coral out in nature, so you can know that not only will we bring education and entertainment to your event, you can be rest assured that your contributing to a sustainable practice that hopes to improve the world’s ecology.

  1. Customers call our Coral receptionist at our aquaculture facility
  2. Book an apt with our company and give us details on time/location/date/# of people attending the travel exhibit
  3. Day of exhibit, set up our equipment (tanks/pumps/virtual glasses) at location about 3 hours in advance before customers arrive
  4. Ship coral from our facility to location. Corals are calculated to arrive and hour or two before apt is scheduled to start.
  5. Equipment should be functioning and ready to put the specimens into the tanks as soon as they arrive.
  6. Set up virtual presentation station, make sure goggle equipment is charged and all images and virtual dive videos are pre-set into lenses.
  7. Customer arrive
  8. We introduce ourselves and talk about our goals and company, then have a presentation on safety and hazards of touching corals and how to use virtual goggles.
  9. Split customers into two groups. Divided into the Hands on Demo and Virtual Reef Diving. Then after an hour or so, switch activities.
  10. Hands on Demo: Presenters will discuss how you should touch the corals, then go into detail about their lifecycle/positive effects of coral on environment/statics on coral morality and destruction/global warming. Then wrap it up with solution on how to live greener and to preserve corals.
  11. Then, customers will get to interact with corals in tanks and get to touch and examine specimens.
  12. Virtual Dive Experience, presenters will discuss coral diversity and ecosystems on the reef, as well as other organisms that co-exist with corals (parrotfish/algae/bleaching) while also getting a 360 views and video of the reefs underwater.
  13. Finally, we will have a group discussion talking about our aqua-farm and what we are doing as a company to regenerate corals. Also discussing our outreach programs/internships/volunteering and how to get involved and where we are going next.
  14. We will have our closing comments and hand out gift bags with stickers/brochure/information to donate and get involved.
  15. And Lastly, clean up crew to pack up our equipment, ship corals back to facility and head home.