Learning Objectives Activities that will help me to attain this objective What my sponsor will evaluate
Political History: To gain an understanding to the historical contexts of past and present radical political thinkers. How does the form of capitalism at a given time period (industrial, post globalized, etc.) effect the feasibility of radical theoretical models of societal organization?

To learn more about specific historical events of radical theory put into practice, and the effectiveness of the employed strategies.

Reading extensive historical texts on the West Virginia Coal Wars (1912-1921), the Paris Commune (1871) and the Haymarket Affair (1886).

Three reflection papers, two to four pages every three weeks, about these events.

Watching documentaries of actions and social movements and biographical documentaries on political thinkers.

Keeping an annotated bibliography of each reading and film.

Weekly seminar via video-chatting with another student reading and studying the same topics.

My sponsor will evaluate me on reflection papers that will contain a summary of the text, as well as personal inquiry and analysis.

My sponsor will evaluate my on my annotated bibliography for formatting and quality of summaries.

Political Theory: To synthesize, critique, and analyze philosophies as well as proposed models of societal organization other than capitalism of past and contemporary radical political theorists. Listening to speeches and lectures from theorists and radicals, such as Fred Hampton, Emma Goldman, Katherine Gibson, David Harvey, and Noam Chomsky.   .

Writing two to four page weekly synthesis papers that analyze, parallel, and critique effectiveness of radical theories and people through time and place based on the readings and lectures.

Creating a WordPress site throughout the quarter that will be completed by week 10. The website will encompass the main points that had an impact on my learning.

Weekly seminar via video-chatting with another student reading and studying the same topics. I will be keeping a brief (one-paragraph) log of our discussions.

My sponsor will evaluate my weekly synthesis papers for cohesive arguments and understanding of lectures and readings.

My sponsor will evaluate my WordPress site to gauge my ability to meet learning objectives throughout the quarter.

My sponsor will evaluate me on my brief seminar discussion log, looking specifically for growth and development on ideas between both students participating.

Current Events: To collect information on modern movements and tactics that are organizing in non-capitalist ways.

To gain understanding of how radical theories are put into practice in the modern age.

To analyze the intersectionalities of race, gender, and class within modern movements.

Reading blogs, communiques, and articles about recent demonstrations, blockades, and other actions during the course of the quarter.

Listening to podcasts weekly by theorists such as Richard Wolff, a Marxist economist.

Keeping a weekly log of current movements and actions, such as the Sabal Trail Pipeline Resistance in Florida. This log will include analysis of tactics or theories used.

Weekly seminar via video-chatting with another student reading and studying the same topics.

My sponsor with evaluate me on the quality of my daily log and my ability to summarize current events from podcasts, communiques, and articles.

Evaluation of Work

  • Narrative evaluation from sponsor
  • Narrative self-evaluation from student
  • Evaluation of Work: The student will complete all assignments as described on the syllabus,including weekly documentation on the Project pages of the SOS program website. Whenever possible, the student will provide the faculty with a field supervisor, subcontractor, or mentor’s descriptive assessment of in-program ILC work completed with their guidance, expertise, or supervision by week 10. The student will complete comprehensive mid-quarter and final narrative self-evaluations and submit them to faculty prior to mid-quarter and final end of quarter student-faculty conferences.  For the final blog post on Project websites,  each student will post, and when possible present in class on Tuesday of week 10, a 10-minute WordPress Presentation of 10-15 slides with text that demonstrates the highlights of the student’s in-program ILC Project.

Faculty Support

I will be working in tandem with another individual. We will design currciulum, seminar together, and hold each-other accountable for our quality of work.

My faculty sponsor and I will share and email correspondence bi-monthly to provide updates, check-in, and potentially ask for advice moving forward.

I will only be attending class during week one and week ten, with a presentation during week ten on the work I have done throughout spring quarter.

If I am able to find a mentor, I will reach out to them and attempt to get feedback from them regarding my work.

Mid-Quarter Self Evaluation: Mid-Quarter Eval