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Aquaponics - Spring Quarter 2017

Almost Finished

It has been a long process building an aquaponics building for the Pacific Northwest climate.  This building has had a lot of ups and downs, but as of now all that is needed is a stronger pump, more growing media, fish and… Continue Reading →

Week 11

The events at Evergreen and the racial unrest hit home.  Our dear African friend was taken from this Earth by a horrendous tragedy on Saturday. I added a picture of two friends, from different continents, that instantly united as brothers;  a South… Continue Reading →

Week 10

The final touches are being completed on the building.  It looks more impressive than my imagination was seeing.  There has been a continual discussion if there should be a second row of grow beds 5 feet above the first level… Continue Reading →

Week 9 starts with Barn Owls

  The trip across county to get some of last years hay, opened to a surprise.  A Barn Owl nest hidden behind a bale.  Research on the appropriate Barn Owl box was initiated.  I found a 6-page pdf from Kentucky… Continue Reading →

Week 8

This week I have been focusing on the computer and my blog.  The process of repetition has started to solidify my memory on these skills, I hope.  I try to remind myself that this is like a computer game, with trial… Continue Reading →

Week 7

  The wall was a few millimeters to wide, so it did not fit in the tank area.  It was frustrating, but two days later, with a bit of trimming, the wall slid into place. The purpose of the stem wall… Continue Reading →

Week 6

This week the inside of the building was painted. I learned how to install a fan with ducting and to make a vent cover. I took the advise from friends and installed the big fan, on the south side of the… Continue Reading →

Summary of Week 3

I started to feel like the completion of the aquaponics building was almost there, but there are still a lot of small projects to complete.  We finished the porch, dug a trench and installed electricity and water through the ditch… Continue Reading →

Week 4 Honey Bees

May 1st had a great ending.  Alex and Maryn brought two bee hives with their colonies.  I have had my bee journeyman certification for a few years, and even purchased a hive two spring seasons  back, which Alex and Maryn have… Continue Reading →

Week 5

Hurray, Hurray, the First of May.  Outside diddling starts today! It was a busy week-end on the Aquaponics building,  The recycled cedar sills were planed, measured, cut and placed in the five windows. The weather was warm and dry enough,… Continue Reading →

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