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Linsey Fields

The Commodification of the Wilderness Experience

No matter which state you are in there will always be an outdoor wilderness experience you can purchase. The most prevalent ones are probably whitewater rafting and ziplines, but there are numerous guided trips that are offered. Glacier Bay National… Continue Reading →

The Trouble with Wilderness-Part 2

I want to say, before we continue, I am in no way a foe of Glacier Bay. It is truly a remarkable landscape and I have a deep affection for the place. This project is to start a conversation about… Continue Reading →

Glacier Bay Park and Preserve Foundation Statement

“The Foundation Statement is a formal description of Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve’s (park) core mission. It is a foundation to support planning and management of the park. The foundation is grounded in the park’s legislation and from knowledge… Continue Reading →

The Trouble with Wilderness-Part 1

“The time has come to rethink wilderness” (Cronon 1). The time has come indeed to rethink the concept of wilderness. What does it mean to experience wild places, or to even assign land with the word ‘wild’? It is a… Continue Reading →

A Brief History of Glacier Bay

From the beginning, National Parks have been crafted and worked into the picture-perfect landscape that we hold most dear in America. WE consider them our greatest invention. The invention of ‘Wild”. From the removal of Native Americans to the removal… Continue Reading →

Alaska National Interest Land Conservation Act

Alaska is a state with vast lands totally over 663,300 mi², it contains 32 various ecosystems ranging from the southern temperate rain forest to the northern tundra. Alaska is an area where extraction industries drive the politics and economy. It is… Continue Reading →

Tomatoland and Vibration Cooking

Triggering Passages: “Again, pesticide poisoning was the cause. But while the research money flowed into looking in to the causes of reptile and bird illnesses, not a nickel was spent on examining the laborers who spent their lives working, eating,… Continue Reading →

The Organic Act

In the United States, we consider our National Parks a treasure. Pieces of land set aside to be conserved for sublime feelings of awe and gratitude. This wasn’t always the case. To those who enjoyed the pleasures of modern capitalism… Continue Reading →

War and Greed

Triggering passages: “Basking in the same balmy climate as the state’s active retirees…But for tomatoes to survive long enough to take advantage of that huge potential market, Florida growers have to wage what amounts to total war against the elements…. Continue Reading →


For those of you that attended the second week tasting lab, you know that I may have strong feelings about cornbread. It was my contribution to the lunch as well as being a family classic that I love. So here… Continue Reading →

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