Log of hours and activities for each learning goal: weekly digest of activities and hours worked, plus cumulative total hours worked. Use a similar format as this table.


Hours and Activity Log for GRuB, The Red Thread Apothecary, and Independent Studying

Week Weekly Activity Weekly hours Cumulative hours
Week 1 Orientation and Designing ILC 11 11
Field Preparation for Spring 12 23
Creating Book List for Independent Research 5 28
Week 2 Propagation Work and Documenting Needed Work Around Farm 20.5 48.5
Day of Presence At Evergreen 4 52.5
Independent Reading of “Uprooting Racism” 5 57.5
Week 3 Red Thread Apothecary: Focus With Flower Essences and Garden Preparation 6.5 64
All Hands On Deck in Completing Multiple Projects at GRuB 5.5 69.5
Reseeding from Rodent Damage 6 75.5
Red Thread Apothecary: Lecture on the 8 Principles of Chinese Medicine 3 78.5
Independent Reading of “Uprooting Racism” 2 80.5
Setting Up Irrigation Around the Farm at GRuB 12 92.5
 Week 4  Transplanting, Mixing Soil Amendments and Potting Soil, Building Raised Beds  23  115.5
Independent Reading, Website Updates 13 137.5
Week 5 Website Maintenance, Self Evaluation Writing 5
Mandatory Class Time 2.5
Grant Writing Workshop 1
Building Raised Beds Out in Field 10.75
Potting Up Plants, Mixing and Applying Soil Amendments 6
Facilitated a Field Trip 4
Making Potting Mix 2.5
Independent Reading 3.5
Somatics Lecture with The Red Thread Apothecary 3
Weekly Reflection and Website Work 4 178.75
Week 6 Independent Reading and Research 8
Transplanting Onions and Brassicas, Setting Up Overhead Irrigation 11
Deep Hand Weeding in High Tunnels 4
GRuB Communication Workshop 2
Reading Response and Independent Research on Herbs 3
Red Thread Apothecary Hawthorn Blossom Harvesting 6
Hawthorn Processing 3
Red Thread Apothecary Garden Planting 4
Spring Elixir Workshop 1 220.75
Week 7 Spring Field Prep, Harvesting, Deep Weeding 6
Reading Response and Academic Statement Revising 2
Volunteer Day/Volunteer Coordinating 6
Common Ground Field Trip 3
Irrigation Set Up 3
Independent Reading 12
Youth on the Farm Day 6
Website Updating 1 259.75