Week 9 at GRuB

This week was filled with a lot of large group projects. We tackled many weedy areas on the farm with the youth and volunteers, transplanted winter squash, tomatoes, peppers, and basil, and set up more drip tape irrigation. All of the onion beds that were planted a few weeks ago had grown a lot of weeds so we took the youth and worked together to weed 4 100 foot beds of onions. Since the compost never got hot enough to kill dormant weed seeds they grew very thick in the areas where a lot of compost was applied. Places where there were directly seeded plants like radishes, carrots, and beets had gotten so bad that the weeds were preventing crops from even having a chance to sprout.

I was able to flame weed some of the beds that hadn’t been planted with any crops yet which seemed to be very effective. Areas where I flamed 2 weeks ago still have no sign of any new weeds growing. The farm interns have also been harvesting a lot of radishes, culinary herbs, and salad mix for the weekly market stand. Pretty soon there will be snap and snow peas, kale, beets, and head lettuce for sale. It may not sound like much, however transplanting and being thorough with weeds tends to be quite time consuming and some of these projects took the entire day to finish through.

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