Computer Requests


Current System:

Choose one of the above to identify your current college-provided computer.
If you need help finding this information, call the Help Desk (x6627).
Specify how long you have had your current system.
External devices that need replacing (if any?)
The standard computer is a PC with sufficient power for word processing, spreadsheets and internet access. If it is necessary for you work you may make special requests below.
Please explain any of these choices below:
Please tell us where to find anything unusual.
Note: Computers come with: Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), e-mail (PC:Outlook; Mac: Entourage), Internet access (PC: Firefox, Explorer; Mac: Firefox), and Acrobat Reader software. All PC and Macs will come with a DVDR/CDRW combo drive. LCD displays are standard for desktops. Please tell us where to find anything unusual.
List any changes you need to your basic system itself (more memory, larger hard drive, bigger screen, etc.)