Students from Programming in C++ and RoboticsBecause software development and computer science are inherently interdisciplinary, collaborative efforts, Evergreen’s innovative approach to education is well matched to the study of computer science. By bringing together people who understand computing, technology, how people use technology, and the application area, Evergreen offers a variety of ways to study computing, from computer science programs that blend theory and practice to programs that emphasize other disciplines but make extensive use of computing. The college’s unique CS curriculum structure includes full-time studies taught by a faculty team, usually continuing from September to June, as well as some special topics in the summer.

In addition to traditional topics such as data structures, architecture, databases, operating systems, theory of computation, digital logic, and programming languages, there are opportunities for interdisciplinary work; for example, Data and Information. Other study areas include computer games, simulation, modeling, robotics, and artificial intelligence. Offerings range from introductory to advanced, and theoretical to project-based. See Repeating Curriculum for more information.

Evergreen also offers independent study and group and individual projects. Students are encouraged to present their work at professional conferences, where several have won awards. You can see examples of projects at, Evenshade Studios, or Metaphor. Our alumni have gone on to prominent positions in software, research, gaming, other technology-based businesses, and government.

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