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Rowing Shells

January 7, 2012

“Robert W.”  or “The Goddess”  -lightweight womens 8+  By Pocock  1990

“Miss Piggy” – 8+ Avanti  by Owen Shells  -2000

“no name” – 4+, by Vespoli 1995

“no name” – 4+ 1992. Mens heavyweight by Dirigo

“The Geoduck” – 4+ by Pocock

Why I’m in Crew….

October 3, 2011

It’s still dark, cold and raining most mornings when we get to practice.  We set up the launch boat, carry oars,  run over a mile to warmup, stretch as a team.  Do 5 by 25 Jumpies, wall-sits, stairs, push ups, sit-ups, and use the ergometer machines until we almost puke.   Our friends think we are crazy to wake up before 5am to do all of this.  And I love every minute of it because we do it together as a team.

Crew highlights from my one year of rowing.

My first time in a crew shell last September.   The sound of the boat gliding on the water and oars plunking in at the same time.  Watching steam rising off of Louie’s sweater in the boat.  Seeing a giant shooting star while rowing a four one morning.  Seals swimming by the boats.  The first race and being tired at the half way point haha… and finally finishing the race.  wow.

The smell of the lumber yard, the mud flats at lowtide, and salt air off the Puget Sound.

The people.  When teammates become friends that become your family.  I miss you L.D.- You are a wonderful friend!