Apr 28 2009

Webpage and Final Project

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Final Portfolio Assignment
Due: Friday May 15 by 5:00pm

Quick Webpage and GalleryPrintable PDF here.
Create a webpage in Photoshop using images, layers, text and link the page to a gallery you created in Bridge. Your website must contain a link to your Evergreen email address as well.

Your bridge gallery must have your two images from the scanning assignment and the two images from your photo montage assignments. You can have as many images as you want in your gallery but you must include all the images from your class assignments.

Don’t worry there will be step by step instructions to come and some web links for extra help.

Download a PDF here.

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Apr 08 2009

Assignment 3 – Photo Montage

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Assignment 3: Photo Montage

Due: April 25, 2009

Goal of this Assignment:

To create an interesting image using photos from your camera, graphic elements, text, and any other digital resources. You will have to use your composition skills, color theory, knowledge of your camera, and knowledge of Photoshop for this assignment.

Content can be anything you choose, but must contain a common theme. We are not creating photograms here. Some ideas are the four seasons, man vs. machine, man vs. food, etc.

Make sure you use a high enough resolution to get good result in your final prints.

Your montages must contain:

  • At least 5 layers
  • At least 1 of the layers must have “Layer Style”
  • You must make at least 1 “Layer Adjustment—curves, levels, saturation, etc)
  • Color or Black and White is fine
  • You can combine straight photos with scanned images and text to create an interesting composition. Or, you can use all photos if you want.
  • This will help lead into our website assignment.

Print your final pieces 8×10 or as close to 8×10 as your image’s aspect ratio will allow.

Turn In (All items must be in a folder with your name on it):

  • 2 Printed Final Pieces

Print pdf here.

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Apr 03 2009

Assignment 1b

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Take any digital photo of your choice, size it for email and send it to me. Your pixel dimentions should be somewhere around 200×300. Size the long end to 300 pixels and let the short edge go. You need to set your resolution at 72ppi.

My email address is richardr@evergreen.edu.

Due Friday April 10. By 4:00.

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Mar 31 2009

Assignment 2

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Goal of this Assignment:

Learn how to scan and restore images. Use your Photoshop skills properly scan, size, color correct, and restore old images.

You can choose to scan film, slides, or an old print. Remove any dust, scratches or tears, color correct the image and try to make it look like new.

Make sure you scan at a high enough resolution to get good result in your final print.

Tools you may want to:

  • Spot Healing Brush
  • Regular Healing Brush
  • Rubber Stamp/Clone Tool
  • Curves/Levels or any other way you’d like to color correct your image
  • Selection tools such as the Magic Wand, Quick Selection Tool, Marquee, Lasso or Pen Tool
  • Use dodging/burning
  • Crop
  • Blur

Print your final restored pieces 8×10 or as close to 8×10 as your image’s aspect ratio will allow.

Due April 18, 2009

Printable link here.

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Mar 05 2009

The 5 W’s and yes you can take this class for credit

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Who? – Anyone students or community member.

What? – Learn about digital photography.

When? – Saturdays, April 4 – May 2, 2009 from 10am til 2pm.

Where? – Photoland… in the Digital Imaging Studio.

Why? – To learn the basics about digital photography.

Credits? – 2 or you can take the course for personal enrichment.

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Mar 05 2009

Assignment 1

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Shoot 100 jpg photos of one particular object to be put together as a photosynth in a later class. For example photography a building and shoot as many photos as you can from as many different angles, zoom in and out, etc. You can find more info here http://livelabs.com/photosynth/, but don’t worry we’ll discuss this in class too.

Also, load all photos onto Mediascratch in our class folder. Try to enter as much metadata as possible.

Printable pdf click here.

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