spring-09 230Since 2006, we have been measuring and monitoring over 150 1-m2 diversity plots randomly located on Glacial Heritage Prairie and Preserve in the South Puget Sound prairies. This work, was initiated by Faculty Member Dylan Fischer, TNC volunteer Coordinator Carri Marschner, and Jessica Bryan, Karina Champion, Pat Babbin, Zach Miller, Brett Ivey, and Kate Halstead. Our work continues with  monitoring of a subset of plots every year. These plots are helping improve understanding of the role of invasive species and restoration in changing plant community composition in this unique small South Puget Sound prairie. Here’s a poster on our recent work : -Rook* et al. – prairie restoration and diversity responses to invasive species

Since 2011, we have expanded our work to a burn exclusion experiment on Joint Base Lewis-McCord Prairies. Check back for more on this exciting work!

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