Evergreen Ecological Observation Network (EEON)



Interested in research in the EEON? Here is your chance. We are looking for a small crew of student researchers to do a research on forest carbon flux in the EEON. Opportunities for renewal each quarter. Students will be working with basic to advanced techniques in forest ecology and biogeochemistry. Tasks involve use of complex instrumentation in the lab and the field, and the ability to work as part of a dedicated field and lab research team. Do you have a background in biogeochemistry and forest ecology but you want more? Join us! Opportunities to publish research, present at scientific meetings, and get 16 credits, upper-division science. Contact Fischerd [at] evergreen.edu for more info!

Vis Tab

I just added images to the visualizations tab to show some of what has been produced from our collaborations with Judy Cushing’s lab here at Evergreen, and Monika Moskal’s Lab at UW, Seattle.

Check it our at:  http://blogs.evergreen.edu/eeon/visualizations/