Our data is temporarily unavailable. We will post here when new data is back up for download. In the meantime, contact us directly to access data from the network. We are very interested in collaboration with other labs. Thanks for your interest!

In order to access the data you will need to agree to our user agreement:

EEON Data Use Agreement

Any Evergreen Ecological Observation Network data on this website can be downloaded for academic, research, recreational, and other professional purposes, as long as USERS AGREE TO FAIR-USE STANDARDS. Access to data is granted subject to the following terms:


  • Please immediately send a brief e-mail to notifying us of your interest in use of the data.
  • notify EEON adminstrators (e.g.,,, or current EEON lab Manager) when any work based on or derived from the data is distributed in any form (written, presentation, report, manuscript, book chapter, etc.).
  • Any use must be of a modified version of the data, original analysis by the user, and not the original data distributed by the EEON lab.
  • User will communicate and request appropriate methods information associated with the data (not available online).
  • It is not permissible to redistribute the data.
  • Acknowledge the support of the Evergreen Ecological Observation Network (EEON), appropriate names of students and faculty responsible for data collection,  and appropriate grant numbers/identities in any publications using these data and documentation (contact us for this information).
  • While we make every effort to ensure accuracy and precision in data, we can not guarantee absolute accuracy or precision. Data are available “as is”. EEON researchers are not be liable or responsible for damages resulting from use and/or misinterpretation of data.
  • Send digital reprints of any publications resulting from use of the data to:

Dylan Fischer

The Evergreen State College

lab II, 3065

2700 Evergreen Parkway, NW

Olympia, Washington 98506

By using  these data and documentation, the user agrees to abide by these standards. EEON researchers shall have the right to terminate this agreement immediately is user’s breach, or show non-compliance with any of its terms. User’s will be held responsible for any misuse of data caused or encouraged by disregarding the terms of this agreement.

Thanks for your interest in this work!

Data sets were provided by Dr. Dylan G. Fischer, Dr. Alison Styring, Dr. Paul Przybylowicz, Dr. Carri LeRoy, the Evergreen Field Ecology Laboratory, and the academic programs Field Ecology 2006, IES-2006/2007, Temperate Rainforests 2007, and Field Ecology 2008. Significant funding for these data was provided by the Evergreen Foundation, Sponsored Research Grants from the Evergreen State College, The Microsoft Corporation, and the Plato Foundation.


We attempt to make the data as available as possible, however, there are significant issues associated with free access to data including: Legal, data completion, error checking, publication, privacy, and protection of student researcher first publication rights issues. these issues may prevent us from immediately posting some data, or making all data and methods immediately available. Thank you for understanding these issues. Please note that these issues apply to all data that is posted, as well as some data we have collected but have not yet posted. Clear communication with EEON researchers will quickly protect all involved from abuse of access privileges to data. Thanks for your understanding! We look forward to working with you!

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