For a complete list of lab publications, see:

Kirsch J.L., Fischer D.G., Kazakova A.N., Biswas A., Kelm R.E., Carlson D.W., LeRoy C.J.2012. Diversity-Carbon Flux Relationships in a Northwest Forest. Diversity. 4:33-58.

LeRoy, CJ, DG Fischer, K Halstead, M Pryor, JK Bailey, and JA Schweitzer. 2011. Fungal endophyte decelerates in-stream litter decomposition. Freshwater Biology. 56:1426-1433


2009:  Student poster the 2009 Ecological Society of America meetings in Albuquerque, NM: Kirsch, J.L., A.N. Kazakova, E.B. Anderson and D. G. Fischer. 2009. Pacific Northwest Second-Growth Forest Carbon Dynamics and Tree Diversity

2008: Student poster the 2008 South Sound Science Symposium (S4): Kazakova, AN, JL Kirsch, and DG Fischer. 2008. Carbon Storage and Productivity Estimates in a Second-Growth Forest


The Effect of the Understory Species Polystichum munitum on Nutrient Cycling / By: Callie Meredith

The Mapping of Barking Dog Creek / By: Al Fischer


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