Welcome to Ecological and Social Sustainability 2012 (ESS)!

This site is intended to provide general information about  ESS to those outside the program, and has minimal curricular information about ESS.  Please see the About Page; please  contact judyc at evergreen dot edu with questions about the program or the site.

ESS students:  Please consult the ESS Program Fileshare on Orca for Program handouts.  Use Nav Bar at right for a direct link from off campus to download documents.

For information on how to connect (and upload files)  from off campus to Evergreen’s network file space see File Space Overview;  you will be asked to sign in using your Evergreen user ID, and only ESS students will be allowed access.

(BFORE you delete them)
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Tues & Thurs, January 17-19 – SNOW DAYS!

This updated was posted by Judy on Jan. 19 about 12:30pm. 

Is this weather still nice?   by now you should have gotten the msg – THE COLLEGE IS CLOSED THURSDAY, so there is NO CLASS tonight, so we will miss a full week of classes.

The faculty have decided that we will move the schedule for weeks 2-4 back to weeks 3-5.  thus, the book for NEXT WEEK (week 3) is Thinking in Systems, and the seminar roles for next week will be as they were for this week.

The schedule for weeks 6-10 will be much as it is now in the syllabus (readings, lectures, seminar roles), with a few minor changes.  We will post a revised syllabus next week (and announce that Tuesday in class).   The midterm exam (now scheduled to be due Week 5) will likely be due Tuesday of Week 6.   So you might want to start reading (and writing!) ahead.

We suggest you also use this time “off” to work on your candidacy paper abstract and bibliography (due next Thursday).

If the change in seminar role dates is a problem for you (e.g., you are scheduled to be facilitator or scribe for a week you will be out of town), contact your seminar faculty.  To consult the seminar roles for your seminar, look in the program fileshare (see below).  Gerardo will post the articles to read for the Fisheries week as soon as he can get in to the College.

I’m typing this in my cold dark apartment, so be tolerant of errors (but email if you have questions).

Stay safe and warm.  If your power is out, try downtown – it’s hopping!  Enjoy the snow!  See you next week.

FINDING ESS DOCS:   You can always find that (and other program docs) easily by going to http://blogs.evergreen.edu/ess/ then clicking on the nav bar at right:  ESS Fileshare on Orca, i.e., https://myfiles.evergreen.edu/academics/programs/ESS-MES-Winter2012/

Once there, click on “Handouts”, then Docs, and you’ll see various files with the info you want.  This method works for downloading and viewing files, but not uploading (copying files to the fileshare).

I’ve also posted on the program web site (in the sticky “Welcome” post) how to information on accessing the program fileshare for uploading documents from off campus.


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