Dean of Evergreen-Tacoma

School: The Evergreen State College
Position Type: Continuing Faculty
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Position Description:

The Evergreen-Tacoma program is a full-time course of study for students who have already completed at least 90 transferable credits. Students who complete the program receive a bachelor’s degree. Begun in 1972 around a kitchen table and in its current building since 2001, the program was conceived to meet the needs of urban adults. The average age of Evergreen-Tacoma students is 38, with 76% female and 58% students of color. All students attend full time, and have the option of either day or evening classes. The building frequently houses other Evergreen programs, currently including Master in Teaching and Master of Public Administration cohorts and the Native Pathways Program.

Under the direction of and in collaboration with the Provost and Vice President for Student and Academic Life (Provost), the Dean of Evergreen-Tacoma (Dean) provides visionary, innovative and dynamic leadership of Evergreen-Tacoma and oversees the academic, fiscal, administrative, programmatic and strategic operations in accordance with program goals and the College’s mission. The Dean serves as a member of the Provost’s senior leadership team on our Olympia campus. All Deans in academic leadership roles carry the title “Member of the Faculty.”

Administrative Leadership

The Dean provides leadership for the overall Evergreen-Tacoma student experience both in and outside of the classroom. This includes oversight of a team on-site in Tacoma that includes the Convener of the Tacoma Faculty and several staff.

  • In a collaborative and consultative manner, facilitate inclusive decision-making that is informed by stakeholder needs and concerns (students, faculty, staff, administration and community).
  • Lead periodic strategic program reviews and programmatic adjustments that connect the curriculum, faculty, community, students, and prospective students’ interests.
  • Work with the Provost and the Vice Provost for Academic Budget and Planning to develop the Evergreen-Tacoma operating budget, balancing program needs with budgetary constraints and ensuring all expenditures and allocations are made within state and College fiscal guidelines.
  • Serve on the Student and Academic Life division’s budget management team.
  • Maintain appropriate and effective administration of all operational matters, including human resource management, student support services, technology, facilities, and building security.
  • Provide direct supervision to all Evergreen-Tacoma staff, including hiring, training, mentoring, evaluating performance, and addressing job performance issues in alignment with Human Resource Services policies and procedures and collective bargaining agreements.
  • Manage resources shared between programs utilizing the Tacoma site.Collaborate with other units of the College situated on the main Olympia campus, such as Admissions, Business Services, College Relations, Human Resource Services, Registration and Records, etc.
  • Plan, organize, and conduct program self-studies as required.
  • Complete an annual report and self-evaluation for the Provost that lists the year’s goals, accomplishment towards meeting those goals, and a statement of goals for the upcoming year.

Academic Leadership

The Dean collaborates with Evergreen-Tacoma regular faculty and the Evergreen-Tacoma Convener to support and build a diverse faculty, and to support Evergreen-Tacoma’s interdisciplinary curriculum.

  • Coordinate with the Faculty Hiring and Development Dean to recruit and hire part-time adjunct faculty, and to fill regular faculty positions as needed.
  • Coordinate, administer, and evaluate the Evergreen-Tacoma curriculum in collaboration with the Convener and the Evergreen-Tacoma regular faculty and in consultation with the Provost.
  • Plan Evergreen-Tacoma faculty orientations, retreats, forums and events, and support Tacoma faculty participation in internal and external professional development activities.
  • Evaluate regular and adjunct Evergreen-Tacoma faculty.
  • Meet regularly with faculty at Evergreen-Tacoma to discuss and resolve issues as they arise.
  • Advise and support graduating Evergreen-Tacoma seniors in their culminating projects.
  • In collaboration with the relevant offices, oversee curricular issues related to international studies, internships, undergraduate research, community-based learning and other high-impact practices that are part of the Evergreen-Tacoma curriculum.
  • Plan and administer articulation agreements and shared offerings with other colleges in the region.

Enrollment Management and Community/Institutional Relations

The Dean is responsible for Evergreen-Tacoma’s strategic enrollment management, in collaboration with the Provost, the Student and Academic Life leadership team and Evergreen’s Chief Enrollment Officer on our Olympia campus.

  • Work closely with College Relations to plan and execute strategic plans for student recruitment, admissions, and enrollment and to collaboratively develop publications and marketing for Evergreen-Tacoma.
  • Promote Evergreen-Tacoma through outreach to the community, particularly in Pierce County.
  • Develop and foster alumni relations in collaboration with Advancement and the Alumni Programs office.
  • In collaboration with Advancement, provide leadership in fundraising initiatives for Evergreen-Tacoma.
  • Establish and maintain strong partnerships with community organizations to provide student support services (childcare, food services, health support, housing, etc.).Establish and maintain strong partnerships and agreements with regional community colleges.
  • Establish and maintain clear lines of communication and collaboration with the Provost, the Student and Academic Life Leadership Team, and other relevant stakeholders in Student and Academic Life and across the other divisions of the College.
  • Actively participate in divisional and college-wide leadership meetings and programming.
  • Engage in other projects as requested by the Provost, including service on standing committees and disappearing task forces, particularly those relevant to the success of Evergreen-Tacoma.

The College reserves the right to extend searches or not offer positions advertised. As a condition of employment, persons hired must provide proof of identity and employment eligibility within three (3) days of beginning work. All position offers are contingent on funding. Persons with disabilities can receive accommodations in the hiring process by contacting the Faculty Hiring Coordinator. The Evergreen State College is an equal opportunity employer.

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