Recovery:   “We don’t, as a society, give intrinsic value to fertility as a sign of health, of wholeness, of well being, of a body doing OK. We are creating huge problems with this attitude, for individuals and society as a whole.” -Wendy Dumareso, Herbalist Personally, a huge part of recovery for me was learning […]

“In modern medical practice the cycle itself is often seen as the culprit and it’s assumed that if the cycle is switched off, or artificially regulated, then the problem will be solved.” (Bennett and Pope, 2008. Pg. 95) Like many things, the history of hormonal contraceptives is mixed and complicated. One valid truth is that […]

Hormonal Health Tips: -The endocrine system is the name we use to describe the hormonal center of the brain. This system takes a hit any time a change or stressor happens and this puts everything on pause. -stress and sex hormones start with the same building blocks but stress takes priority. This makes it hard […]

Charting Rules


Charting rules: Charting involves observing fertility signs. There are two types of fertility signs, the primary which include the cervical fluid, temperature and position of the cervix, and secondary which is unique to the individual or cycle. Some secondary fertility signs could include changes in breast size, headaches, sex drive, etc. The technique that should […]

Hormones in the Cycle: -The Hypothalamus in the brain is the power center sending hormonal messages to your organs all the time. It’s sending out orders and the pituitary gland carries them out. – The beginning of the cycle is marked by the follicular phase and is characterized by the raise of estrogen before the […]

Reproductive Facts


Reproductive Anatomy: Anatomy: Getting to know the map -The female and male body have the same amount of erectile tissue – The vagina elongates and expands upon arousal. Kind of like an accordion. They call this “tenting” – The whole uterus raises as we near ovulation. -Infertile Cervical Fluid is acidic and looks like a […]

What Is FAM and what is a Fertility Awareness Educator? Fertility Awareness educators are the mythbusters of the women’s reproductive health world. They are the ambassadors of correcting misinformation. They focus in on the individual’s cycle and disregard the idea that everyone’s cycle is alike.  Doctors, in comparison are experts on the population and average, […]

FAM History


The History of FAM Uterus bodied people have been using fertility awareness methods for as long as we have been on this planet. The first use of these methods was in the indigenous peoples who used observations of their bodies to identify their fertile window. Many people used cyclebeads in a similar way as the […]