Cycle Six


Cycle Five


This cycle was the first time I experienced a double peak/ my body tried to ovulate and due to the stress of travel I was unable to release an egg the first time. Because of my delayed ovulation, this cycle was longer than usual  

Cycle Four


Privilege: How it plays into FAM   Shortly after being exposed to FAM, I began to question how privilege plays a role in the usage of Fertility Awareness Methods. Despite it being an absolutely amazing tool, it’s often only used and taught by upper/middle class, white, highly educated women. This is another example of how […]

How Do I Read a FAM chart?   Numbers at the top of the chart: At the top of the chart you can see numbers labeled Week day, Month and Cycle day. These mark exactly that. They serve as a way to measure the length of  a cycle as well as what day of the […]

Health Benefits of the Fertility Awareness Method Another extreme benefit of connecting with your body through FAM is the ability to recognize what is normal for your body and what isn’t. Often times people show up at the hospital with concerns about their body which are nothing but natural, but they don’t know this because […]

Cycle Two


Cycle Two I had some weird BBT’s this cycle, possibly due to juice cleansing and traveling. I ovulated on day 17th of the cycle and my luteal phase was just over 16 days. Slightly shorter than last month!  

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The Three Fertility Signs  The biggest part of the Fertility Awareness Method is learning how to observe three main fertility signs in your body that change throughout your cycle based on ovulation and menstration. They are each unique but important and the combination of the three can be used to cross check your observations and deduct […]