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“Planning for retail change: a survey of municipal governments in Washington State”

Jennifer Gerend & Mathew Novak

in Planning Practice & Research         


from APA Planners Press

Planning the Pacific Northwest

Editors: Sterrett, Ozawa, Ryan, Seltzer, and Whittington

Chapter 13 “Native Currents and Coast Salish Planning”

Jennifer Gerend and Kristina Ackley  

Happy New Year

Some news:

  • Check out my chapter “Native Currents and Coast Salish Planning” with Dr. Kristina Ackley in Planning the Pacific Northwest, published by the American Planning Association Press in time for the national conference this spring.
  • Hear about my sabbatical findings on the impacts of e-commerce on cities and nascent responses in Germany at the Annual Meeting of the Association of American Geographers meeting in Chicago on April 23rd.

Wishing everyone a very “spatial” year,


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dad's camera 522I am on a research sabbatical this fall in Germany. I can be reached through my usual Evergreen e-mail address. Germans can find me at the Geography Institute of the University of Wuerzburg.

IMAG3650Survey Update:

The Municipal Retail Planning Survey has concluded with a 75% response rate. The survey was sent electronically to 110 small and medium-sized municipalities in Washington with questions about the data used in their planning, the functionality of their downtowns and other retail areas, competition among municipalities for retail development, and other topics. The survey team is grateful to survey respondents for their time. Preliminary findings are being presented at the WA-APA conference on October 2nd. Additional scholarly publications will follow in the winter. More information will be posted here.

WA-APA Conference information link:

The Municipal Retail Planning Survey has been launched! Approximately 110 small-to-medium sized municipalities have received our survey that asks about their municipal goals, plans, and staff activities involving all manner of RETAIL. Analysis and publications from this study are expected in the fall and winter. Preliminary findings will be presented at the fall WA-APA conference on October 2nd.
The Municipal Retail Planning Practices Survey Research Team:
Jennifer Gerend, Ph.D., AICP
Ralph Murphy, Ph.D.
Shira Moch (undergraduate research assistant)
Mathew Novak, Ph.D. (Central Washington University)