Research/ Publications

  • Under development: a survey of municipal planning practices in Washington State
  • “US and German Approaches to Regulating Retail Development: Urban Planning Tools and Local Policies”, Ph.D. dissertation (defended 2/1/2012), pending publication in 2012
  • “The Logic Behind Germany’s Retail Development Regulations”, ICSC Research Review 2009:
  • “Temps Welcome: How temporary uses can revitalize neighborhoods”, Planning Magazine 12/07
  • “Avoiding Burnout in Your Thirties”, Planning Magazine 11/07
  • “Remaking Germany’s Capital: A look at the role of urban design competitions in cities like Berlin,Germany”,UrbanLand7/07
  • “Business Improvement Districts”, Die Wohnwirtschaft (in German) 10/06, a housing economics trade journal.
  • Various work-related pieces in local papers, 2004-2006, such as The Edmonds Beacon, Edmonds Enterprise.
  • “Getting Local Chains in the Mix”, Planning Magazine 1/04.
  • “Signs of Progress”, Center for an Urban Future 9/03: Signs_of_Progress

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