Flickr Image Galleries

Have a Flickr account? Want an easy way to manage your photo galleries and be able to take it with you when you leave Evergreen? Embedding Flickr images into your site is the way to go.

Flickr advantages over the built-in WordPress image gallery:

  • More space! Flickr gives you 1TB for FREE. We only give you 100MB total.
  • Take your images with you when you leave Evergreen. Images DO NOT export so hosting your images somewhere else just makes sense.
  • Get noticed. Use Flickr’s social media tools to make your images viewable by a broader audience.

Embed single images from Flickr:

  1. Copy the URL to your image from Flickr
  2. paste the URL into your post
  3. WordPress will automatically display the link as an image


Create image galleries from your Flickr image sets:
Below is an example of an embedded Flickr photo set using the Awesome Flickr Gallery plugin.

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