Project Proposal

For my final project, I want to document the many ways people identify and express themselves. I want to work with 3-6 people and understand how these individuals identify. I believe gender identity, sexuality and gender expression are very subjective and while many people may identify with a gender, it means something different to each person. I believe that humans are constantly shaped by experiences in life and the way someone identifies today could be different than how they identified last year, or even last week. I plan on spending time with these individuals, learning about their identity and documenting who they are as a person. I plan on presenting my final project through a series of photographs. The video below, Can You Identify, provides an example of the subject matter I will pursue for my final project.






evan hairIMG_2293






Intimate Event

Waking up in the morning is a daily occurrence that everyone can relate to. The alarm goes off, your eyes open and your day begins. We all have our morning routine that prepares us for the day ahead. Get to know someone well enough and follow them throughout their routine and details become apparent that aren’t recognized by the passing stranger outside of the home. Humans have a tendency to categorized others into one gender or another, but what if we lived in a world where labels didn’t exist… Get to know someone well enough and you may start to see the world as Simon does.










Panorama/Tiny Planet

The purpose of this assignment was to create several different panoramic shots. In order to create these prints, about 6-12 different images were stitched together to create one image. The second part of this assignment was to create a tiny planet; an image that is circular and resembles a planet. 












The purpose of this assignment was to use a flatbed scanner as a canvas in order to create an image. Some items were scanned in one by one and then layered using Photoshop to create these prints and others were solely combined on the scanner.
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