Tasks – Due next Thursday, April 10

1) Good potluck recipe or purchase.

Find something interesting and bring it to the potluck. Avoid or clearly label any ingredients containing nuts or nut oils.

2) “Anchor book” and response paper for research project.

Look for and find one book that can best anchor and inform your research project for this quarter. It doesn’t have to (and probably should not) summarize your project or provide a direct blueprint for you to follow. In a typical “seminar paper” type written response to the book, articulate the jumping off point you’ll be using to approach your project.

Think about Wanted by Rachel Hall as an example. We used that book as a starting place in the program in Fall and Winter quarters, and it did two things for us. It gave us an overview of our timeline for the two quarters (it established our scope), and it provided key concepts that helped us organize our thinking and ideas (the outlaw, the police, and the vigilante viewer).

Bring your potluck dish, anchor book, and reading response paper to class with you on Thurs.


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