The Evergreen Protests Bibliography has Moved!

This page has moved to The Evergreen Protests of 2016-2017

[Please read critically: just because it is in the news or on the web doesn’t mean it’s true. For best results evaluate sources, compare accounts, read up on the broader contexts, and talk to folks who were there.]

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    This guide presents a select bibliography of published news and magazine articles, opinion pieces, podcasts, and video interviews relating to the protests of 2017 at The Evergreen State College. Citations are in reverse chronological order, and as of mid-August, new entries are added every day or two.

    This is not intended as a guide to the ‘best’ articles. In fact, some of the articles include false statements, and you will certainly find divergent interpretations. The twin goals of the bibliography are to link to materials that can

    1. help develop a better understanding of what happened (and is happening) at Evergreen and
    2. help develop a better understanding of the developing media representation of events.

    Those goals are sometimes in conflict.

    The articles cited in this bibliography:

    1. At least mention Evergreen; And
    2. do at least one of the following:
      • provide a local perspective of interest
      • include new facts, arguments, or framing of issues that are relevant to understanding either the media response to the issues or the issues themselves
      • reach a particularly large audience

    Neither tweets nor standalone videos are included, with a couple of exceptions that include unique testimonials.