Audio Studio

Microphone List

8 Track & 16 Track Studios

Stuff That’s Good to Know

When requesting equipment, you don’t need to ask for microphone stands or mic cords, as there are closets in every studio containing these items. Every control room has a cassette deck and a CD recorder. The studios also come equipped with umbilical cords which adapt directly from the patchbay to various connector types and are useful for hooking up signal processing and other external devices. If you check out an item that appears damaged or doesn’t work properly, PLEASE remember to tell us when you return it, so we can get it fixed.

This equipment is for use in the campus recording studios and for academic projects. If you need equipment for off-campus use or for a production outside of the studios talk to an Electronic Media staff member. The DAT recorders are for off-campus field recording. They can be checked out with a stereo mic, shotgun, lavalier or a basic dynamic mic. The expensive condenser and ribbon mics are not for field recording.

REMEMBER no food or drinks in the control rooms. Avoid dust and moisture at all times. Carrying cases and tarps are available in Media Loan.

Reservation Orders

Reservation orders are used to schedule the control rooms for the 8-track studios, the Orchestra Rehearsal (COM 111A), the Recital Hall (COM 212A) and the 16 -Track Studio (COM 118/119), and to reserve keys and equipment from Audio Studio at Media Loan. The following steps are required when filling out a production order.

The calendars for scheduling the control rooms and studios are located in Media Loan 2504.  Available time is identified by blank spaces on the calendar, without anyone else’s name written in. If you are only using the control room you can PENCIL yourself into the desired time. When your control room time is confirmed, it will be penned in by the Audio Intern. You must turn in a work order if you pencil in a time. We will erase times that do not have a corresponding work order.

The recording spaces for the Orchestra Rehearsal (COM 110) and Recital Hall (COM 107) are scheduled separately from the control rooms. COM 119 is automatically reserved with the 16-Track Studio but you can reserve the Chorus Rehearsal (COM 117) as a second recording space if needed. If you need the recording space associated with a control room the Information Office Assistant can schedule the room when you schedule the control room.

After a time is penciled on the calendar you must complete an Audio Studio Reservation Work Order. Blank work orders and the drop box for completed orders are located outside the Information Office. The reservation order has lots of boxes and spaces requesting various equipment information. Please make sure to fill in the spaces near the bottom that ask for the time the equipment will be checked out, and by whom. Proceed to fill out the order to the fullest extent possible, requesting specific mics, and indicating what instruments or sounds you are recording. If a mic you request is not available we will substitute another mic. Remember to sign the work order.

Your next step is to drop the completed form in the red drop box. The forms will be processed in the order in which they were received. Forms are processed Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings at 9:00. You must have your work order turned in time for it to be processed and have the reservation set up the night before. For example if you need equipment on Friday we need the work order by 9:00 Wednesday morning. We do not process same-day orders for equipment. You can turn in a sameday work order for keys for control room access. For example you can turn in a work order Friday morning to get control room keys for Friday afternoon.

The form will be sent to Media Loan where we reserve the available equipment for you. Equipment is reserved on a first come, first served basis, so the sooner you get your reservation orders in, the better chance you have of getting that high-demand equipment. Plan ahead. You can reserve time two weeks in advance.

After the work orders are processed you should check to see if everything was approved. First, it’s possible that your form wasn’t processed because of a problem in the request. Problem orders are at Media Loan with the completed work orders. After the equipment is reserved at Media Loan the white copies of the work orders are available at Media Loan. Ask someone at the desk and they will give you your copy. You should check these to know what equipment was available for you. If you request excessive numbers of items, we will delete them. A maximum of 2 large diaphragm condensers are available per checkout unless otherwise arranged. Remember, there are many users for these items. It is helpful if you indicate on the production order below the requested mic what you would like a specific substitution if it becomes necessary. To minimize substitutions and unfilled orders, please return equipment as soon as possible after your session.

When equipment is not available we write NA (Not Available) beside the item on your reservation order. When you check back with Media Loan, you are entitled to the white copy of the reservation order. The yellow copy resides in EM’s files.

Do NOT request General Access Media Loan equipment on Audio Studio reservation orders. If you need General Access equipment, go to Media Loan and reserve it yourself.

Sometimes you might need to cancel your studio time or equipment reservation, which is fine. It is important, however, to let Media Loan , the Audio Intern and the Com building know as soon in advance as possible, so the time and equipment can be available to someone else. The Audio Intern can be reached at 360-867-5848 or in COM 349.

Late Night Access

You need to sign a Late-Night Access Covenant to be able to schedule the studios after the COM Building closes. The covenant will be covered in class and contract students should contact the COM Information Office. You must be in the building before it is locked, you can not let other students into the building and you must leave by 2 AM. If you violate the policies in the covenant your access will be suspended until you meet with the COM Building staff, and egregious violations could result in the loss of late-night access or permanent loss of access. You need to sign a LNA covenant every academic year.

Important Policies

Only use the studios during your scheduled times. Log in and out of the logbook. Return mics and keys to Media Loan promptly. Keeping equipment and/or keys overdue during break weeks is a very serious offense. No food or drinks in the control rooms. Alcohol, drugs and smoking are not allowed in anywhere in the building. Do not let other people into the building or control rooms. Do not remove equipment from one room to another. Borrowing mic cables or stands is acceptable if you return them to the original room but do not move or change connections in installed equipment. If you notice something missing and the removal is not in the logbook contact staff immediately.

Policy Violations

Any violations of studio policies will result in the temporary loss of studio access until you meet with Electronic Media and Communications Building staff and your faculty. Serious violations could result in your access being limited to daytime hours. Egregious violations such as drug, alcohol and tobacco use in the studios or control rooms and/or damage or theft of equipment will result in immediate and permanent loss of studio access.

Evaluation Week

Studios and equipment are not available for production use during evaluation week. Media Loan only checks out equipment for evaluation purposes. You can reserve time for the control rooms for mixing.

Summer Use

During the summer Audio Studio is closed unless there is a specific class using the studios. Scheduling and reservation procedures may be slightly different and will be explained in class.