Media Loan equipment is available to currently registered students and currently employed TESC Faculty and Staff to support credit generating academic work and college business. All users must present a current, validated TESC ID card. Users may be asked to explain intended use of equipment.

Media Loan checks out equipment during its regular hours. Media Loan is closed during academic breaks and holidays.

Checkouts through Advanced Production Services require a work and are subject to additional restrictions.


  • A checkout period is normally two or three days. You can renew checkouts up to three times in person or by phone (360) 867-6253. Be prepared to return the equipment if equipment is not available for renewal.
  • Equipment pick up must be done by the patron who reserved the equipment.
  • Equipment returned after hours to the Library Circulation desk will be checked in on the next business day by Media Loan staff.
  • Equipment returned after the due date is overdue.
  • Late returns, damages, and lost items will be billed to your student account (
  • During Evaluation Week, Media Loan hours are reduced. Equipment is available for evaluation use only.
  • Extended Loan requests for the quarter should be submitted within the first two weeks of the quarter. Extended Loans over academic breaks require proof of registration and tuition paid for the following quarter. Allow 2 to 5 days for processing.


  • You may make reservations at Media Loan, in person, online or by phone, (360) 867-6253.
  • Reservations will be filled in the order they are made – generally first come, first served.
  • Reservations may be forfeited if you are more than an hour late for pickup.
  • High use equipment cannot be reserved more than two weekends in a row.


  • Equipment must be returned on or before the due date, or it is overdue. The following fines apply and are assessed daily:
    • Equipment valued at and over  $250 – $20.00 per day
    • Equipment valued under  $250 – $10.00 per day
    • Keys and all equipment accessories valued at and over $50 – $10.00 per day
    • Equipment accessories valued under $50 – $5.00 per day
  • Equipment may be declared lost and the user’s account put on hold when:
    • one week overdue
    • late fines meet or exceed value of the item
    • not returned before the end of the quarter
  • Replacement cost plus a $15.00 non-refundable service fee will be billed to the user’s account when equipment declared lost by Media Loan.
  • All overdue charges are per item.
  • Service fees and overdue fines are non-refundable.
  • When equipment is returned, the replacement cost is refunded.
  • Holds may be removed on a Media Loan account after charges have been paid in full and the patron meets with Media Loan staff to review Media Loan’s policy and procedures.
  • If users feel that a charge has been made in error, they may submit an Appeal Form.
  • Media Loan handles the appeal process.
  • Student Accounts handles questions regarding the billing process.

Non-Academic Use

For non-academic use, contact Lin Crowley (867-6239) and review the Equipment Rental Rates. For campus events and productions, use the Production Request Form. Student Activities (S&A) events must go through Greg Porter, 360.867.6222, for AV equipment requests and production clearances.

Media Loan Policy & Procedures

Washington Administrative Code governs Media Loan policy.



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