The media studios are available to currently enrolled students and faculty to support academic work. No recreational or unauthorized commercial use is permitted. Some facilities require proficiency certification and may require prior production experience for advanced facilities.

Media Studios Scheduled at Media Loan:

  • 5.1 Mix Room
  • Animation labs – 2D Rotoscope, 2D Multi-use, 3D Lab
  • Audio Mix Benches
  • A/V Transfer Station
  • Non-linear Editing Suites
  • Sound Effects Studio

Check available times in labs/studios. Some facilities require you to check out keys from Media Loan. Check out keys close to your scheduled time and return promptly. 

Schedule other media facilities:

Media Classrooms:

Summer Use

During the Summer, most facilities are closed or have limited access because of reduced staffing. Available media facilities often require a summer use fee and are limited to media related academic contracts and programs. Any proficiency tests required for summer use should be obtained during the regular academic year.



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