Dear students,

The following students have been accepted into Mediaworks based on the application materials. I will be submitting your A-numbers to registration by the end of the day so that you are able to register. Please note: You must register yourself. I am only submitting an electronic signature. If your name is on this list your spot is guaranteed through the end of this first week of registration. After that point, I may offer spots to people submitting late applications and/or on the waiting list. If you have any trouble registering after today (due to a hold on your account or something similar) please let me know ASAP so that we can resolve this without you losing your spot in the program. If you decide NOT to enroll in the program, please let us know as soon as you’re able.

The names here are listed using first name and last initial only, per FERPA regulations. They are in no particular order.

  1. Zoe R.

2. Kaitlin G.

3. Candice C.

4. Lexi L.

5. Schanen R.

6. Jahni T.

7. Taylor F.

8. Silas F

9. Jamie L.

10. Maren S.

11. Terry J.

12. Grace T.

13. Adam P.

14. Thomas H.

15. Talia G.

16. David A.

17. River P.

18. Rachelle T.

19. Morisa R.

20. Jordan M.

21. Edoukou A.

22. Sam K.

23. Sandy K.

24. V N.

25. April W

26. Rachel N,

27. Isiah M.

28. Leila P.

29. Aaron G.

30. Vanlyn T.R.

31. Clarissa M.

32. Sarah B.

33. Linny H.

34. Nebulosus P.

35. Hannah W.

36. Ruby M.

37. Lexi A.

38. Andrew M.

39. Isabella K.

40. Jamil B.

41. Eirik M.

42. Teanna H.

43. Dilang K. D.

44. Roxy B.

45. Mian B-C.

46. Bryan D.

47. Augustino M.

48. Marcus M.