May 18

Thank you to all students who submitted complete applications by today/Sunday 5/18.

We have reviewed those applications and are posting the first round of admitted students below.

By 9am Monday 5/19, faculty signature overrides should be in the system and admitted students will be able to register for Mediaworks after that time.

If you submitted a complete application by 5/18 and don’t see your name here, you’ll be getting an email from us within the week. No need to contact us.

There are still spots available in the program for qualified applicants. We will be reviewing applications until the program fills.

[Due to FERPA regulations we can only post first names and last name initials here.]

Justis B.
Julia B.
Mary-Grace B.
Ian B.
John C.
Mary Jane D.
Sasha E.
Anna F.
Marlee G.
Gary H.
Stasia K.
Ted K.
Jesse L.
Daniel P.
Alicia R.
Lindsey S.
Katie S.
Jade S.
Matthew T.
Coby W.
Ashley W.
Joseph Y.
Apr 11

Application is here!

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The application for Mediaworks 2014-15 is available below. Please download, read carefully, and submit your application according to the instructions on the document.

Click the link below to download the PDF:

Mediaworks 2014App


MEDIAWORKS 2014-2015