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End of 2013 MES Review

By Gail Wootan, Assistant Director.

In the waning days of 2013, I thought I’d pull together some fun facts about MES as we move into the new year.

This fall, the Graduate Program on the Environment admitted its 30th cohort of 40 students representing 12 states and one country.  As Director Martha Henderson mentioned in her Fall 2013 letter, we added quite the diverse group of students to our already existing cohorts as evidenced by clicking on the chart below:

table of student demographicsThe incoming cohort also represents a wide range of undergraduate majors.  In this pie chart, you can see that about 50% come from environmental studies/science and natural sciences and the other half come from the social sciences/humanities/arts:

pie chart of 2013 cohort majorsOf course, we don’t want to forget the students who have successfully completed their MES degree and are embarking on their environmental careers.  Since 1984, 644 students have graduated from Evergreen with their MES degree.  Of those 644, 31 graduated in the 2012-2013 academic year.  As always, their thesis topics represented a wide variety of environmental issues, with marine science and policy representing the largest percentage by a margin:

Pie chart of 2013 thesis topicsThe MES office is planning on surveying these recent grads to determine how many of them have found jobs and in which fields and sectors they are working. If you’re a recent alum, be on the lookout from an email and/or phone call from our office! I have already heard of a number of you finding fantastic and challenging jobs that contribute to stewardship of our environment. We’re proud of you all!


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