MES faculty member works to conserve Canada’s Boreal forest

By Dina Roberts, MES Faculty.

I am fortunate to continue engaging with scientists and policy makers about conserving Canada’s Boreal forest. Our group presented the results of over a decade of research on how to best conserve half of Canada’s remaining intact forest and wetland ecosystems. Along with a Symposium at the July 2013 meeting of the Society for Conservation Biology in Baltimore, Maryland, our policy brief was published by the Pew Environment Group. Our policy brief titled “Conserving the World’s Last Great Forest is Possible: Here’s How” received widespread media coverage. This work continues to generate support from indigenous peoples and conservation groups and some push back from industry groups across Canada.


Canadian Boreal Forest – photo from

Here is a sampling of the news coverage from our important work:


Map of Canadian Boreal Forest from Natural Resources Canada

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