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Outside PNW

Internship: Forest Recreation Volunteer Intern, Hiawatha National Forest (Gladstone, MI)

Online Course: Policy Coherence for Sustainable Development, UNSSC Knowledge Centre for Sustainable Development

Job: Wildlife Monitoring Crew Lead, Great Basin Institute (Cedarville, CA)

Course: Seminars on Nature Conservation in German Development Cooperation, International Academy for Nature Conservation (Isle of Vilm, Germany)

Webinar: Progressing CCUS in the UK and accelerating CCUS globally, Clean Energy Ministerial Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage Initiative

PhD: National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research, University of Canterbury (Christchurch, New Zealand)

PhD: Marine Ecology, University of Canterbury (Christchurch, New Zealand)

Conference: Water for a Hungry World – Innovation in Water and Food Security, Water for Food Daugherty Global Institute (Lincoln, NE)

Internship: ABoVE Airborne Campaign Data Fusion, NASA (Prince George’s County, MD)

Internship: Exploring land cover dynamics with high resolution data and high end computing, NASA (Prince George’s County, MD)

Course: Applying Design Thinking in Implementing the 2030 Agenda – An Innovative Approach to Innovation (Bonn, Germany)

Course: Environmental Justice Free Online Offering, University of East Anglia

Internship: Smithsonian Marine Station Intern, Smithsonian Marine Station (Ft. Pierce, FL)

Job: Biological Science Technician – Plants, National Park Service (Multiple Locations)

Job: Sustainability Coordinator, Columbus State University (Columbus, GA)

Internship: Multiple Opportunities, USDA Forest Service (Fairplay, CO)

Job: Fisheries Technician, USDA Forest Service (Afton, WY)

PhD: Marine Ecology, School of Biological Sciences, University of Canterbury (Christchurch, New Zealand)

Internship: Restoration and Volunteer Management Intern, Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy (San Francisco, CA)

Job: Water Quality Program Coordinator, San Mateo Resource Conservation District (Half Moon Bay, CA)

Job: Molecular Geneticist – Aquaculture Science, Ocean Associates, Inc. (La Jolla, CA)

Job: Seasonal Trails Technician, Catalina Island Conservancy (Avalon, CA)

Job: Biological Science Technician – Fisheries, Bureau of Land Management (Gunnison, CO)

Job: Forestry Technician, Bureau of Land Management (Gunnison, CO)

Job: Education and Outreach Assistant, Montana Wildlife Federation (Billings, MT)

Job: Larval Fish Biology Research Technician, East Carolina University (Greenville, NC)

Job: Environmental PMAC Project Coordinator, Galileo Project (Tempe, AZ)

Job: Communications Manager, Amazon Watch (Oakland, CA)

Job: Director of Land Protection, NJ Conservation Foundation (Far Hills, NJ)

Job: Development Coordinator, Columbia Land Conservancy (Chatham, NY)

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