Spring 2013 Picturing Plants Exhibit in the Library

The Evergreen State College Spring 2013 Picturing Plants program is going to be exhibiting their work at the Library from June 5th to September 15th 2013. The exhibit will be held in the Library Underground, and will include the programs work on botanical illustration, student made plant ID cards, and excerpts from the work-in-progress Field Guide to the Vascular Plants of the South Puget Sound Prairies.

The program will host a exhibit opening on June 5th at Noon, where visitors will be able to view plant themed animations made by students in the program.

Here is a copy of the exhibit’s poster.


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A case for new specimen cabinets

Attached is a very brief powerpoint presentation that shows some problems with the Natural History Museum’s bird specimen cabinets and how those problems have led to a protracted and damaging pest infestation.

Dermestid infestation

The bird collections are frequently used in programs, independent research, and artistic work.  They represent a wonderful archive of natural history education and training based at The Evergreen State College.  Maintaining this treasure is essential to ongoing teaching of vertebrate biology, evolution, ecology, and natural history.

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The Natural History Collections come to the Library!

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Steve Herman reflects on The Natural History Collections and Evergreen

Follow this link learn more about the history of The Collections from one of its founders.

Video and interview by Shuana Bittle.

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Exciting Guest Lecturers to visit the Citizen Science Program

Mon. January 11th,  11 am – 1pm: Sem II  3105

Saul Weisberg of North Cascade Institute and The Natural History Network

Weds. February 1st,    11 am – 1pm: Sem II  3105

 Nature Mapping, Bioblitzing and other Citizen Science Initiatives,  Jessica Moore, Northwest Trek, and Craig Standridge, Point Defiance Zoo

Mon. Feb 13th 11am – 1pm:  Sem II B-1105

Julia Parrish, UW Professor and Executive Director of COASST (Coastal Observation and Seabird Survey Team)

Contact Prof. Frederica Bowcutt for additional information

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Natural History Lunch December 1st: Dueting Wrens

Hi All!

Hope everyone had a relaxing break and enjoyed some good food.
We’ve had good discussions this quarter and Thursday from Noon-1pm is our last lunch group of the quarter. We’ll be discussing the song of dueting wrens based on recent research. Below you’ll find a link with an article and a few resources about these wrens including their songs.
Looking forward to seeing you!
Natural History Collection
Lab I Rm 1060
and some food for thought…
Richard Feynman on what’s in a name:
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Natural History Lunch, Nov 17th

Please join us at 11:30 in Lab 1 Room 1060 for a web based seminar hosted by the USFWS entitled “Why does Natural History Matter.” Feel free to drop in anytime during the presentation.  Also if there are any time conflicts with the 11:30 start time please contact me at teal dot waterstrat at gmail dot com.  Look forward to see you there!
The Evergreen Natural History Collections.

Why Natural History Matters
Thursday, November 17th, 11:30 – 13:00

Christopher Filardi, Ph.D.
Director of Pacific Programs
Center for Biodiversity and Conservation American Museum of Natural History

Description:  Over the past century, conservation practice has shifted
from being driven by aesthetics to being rooted in science, yet we often
struggle integrate our best science into real world decision-making. This
talk will focus on how basic natural history the act of recording
observations of the living world can sometimes play an important role in
legitimizing the analytical power of science among decision-makers.  As a
community, investment by conservation scientists in basic natural history
skills and practice may serve a critical role in improving our impact on
what really matters most giving our science a voice.

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The systematics of wrens

Just a reminder for natural history lunch discussion tomorrow. We’ll be continuing our conversation with systematics and taxonomy and focusing in on a current, local issue. Recently Winter Wrens (Troglodytes troglodytes) were split into three species, including the Pacific Wren (Troglodytes pacificus). I’ve incluced the primary literature study which facilitated this decision. Please invite anyone else who may be interested in engaging natural history discussion, the more the merrier! Here is a link to the reading: wren systematics
Look forward to seeing you!


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Reduced Collections hours on Weds, Nov 9th

The Collections be closed from 3 – 5 pm today due to a scheduled collections board meeting.  Sorry for the inconvenience!  Please stop by for our Thursday lunch hour and on Friday!  Thanks

The Evergreen Natural History Collections

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