Week 1 Reflection

Program Activities

In week 1, program activities included the first class meeting, the lab safety lecture, the syllabus/covenant workshop, math lab, seminar, physics lab, Thursday lecture, and the wrap.
In the space above, account for your presence, preparation, and participation in each program activity. In practice, you will only need to account for any session in which you were not fully present, prepared or participating. If you were fully present, prepared, and participated in all the program activities for the week, you may simply enter "FP3" (for "Fully Present, Prepared, and Participated").
In the space above, for any session in which you were not FP3, describe concrete steps you will take to improve. If you were FP3 for all sessions, describe a concrete step you could take in one session that would push you beyond meeting the basic requirements.


In week 1 to this point, the assignments have been the precalculus and physics reading and the Lab Safety Quiz.
In the space above, account for your completion of the assignments due by Thu. Jan. 9. In practice, you only need to indicate assignments you did not complete.
In the space above, describe how you will improve your completion of any missing assignments in the next week. If you completed all assignments, discuss how you might improve the quality of your work.



Progress towards meeting Learning Goals: