Week 5 Reflection

Program Activities

In week 5, program activities included Monday's Lecture, Lecture/Seminar (which was effectively a prep session for Exam 1), and Physics Lab, Tuesday's Math Lab, Wednesday's Exam, and Thursday's Problem Session (which was a Collaborative Reflection for Exam 1) & Wrap. You also had the option of attending Tuesday's open workshop (there was no open workshop on Wed).
In the space above, for any session in which you were not FP3, describe concrete steps you will take to improve. If you were FP3 for all sessions, describe a concrete step you could take in one session that would push you beyond meeting the basic requirements.


In week 5, there were few assignments due to Exam 1. The only assignment that was due was the Week 4 Reflection. You should also be caught up (or nearly so) with Math and Physics Labs from weeks 1 - 4. We normally ask for an Assignments Account & Action Plan, but won't this week.



Progress towards meeting Learning Goals: