Lecture: U.S. Neoliberal Agenda for Iraq


  1. Iraqi economy

Main sources

Naomi Klein, Baghdad Year Zero, Harper’s, September 2004

. Iraq’s Neoliberal; Institution, Herbert Docena, Foreign Policy in Focus, Sept. 2, 2005

Argues that original project was a laboratory for a totally neoliberal economy, model to spread through middle east

Neoliberal—unregulated capitalism—liberal in 18th, 19th century meaning of the term

Market determination of prices, little public production—privatization of goods and services, Cut government spending—

Low taxes, particularly on capital, free trade,  encouragement of foreign investment, convertibility of currency; no restrictions on capital flows. Pushed by IMF since 1970’s, by U.S. government since early 1980’s. Sometimes called the Washington Consensus.

Theory, efficient, capital, technology inflows, wages and production will rise over time

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Lecture: U.S. Neoliberal Agenda for Iraq

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