Housing and Homelsssness Panel Fall 2006, Olympia

Let Us Wage a War Against Poverty Not Against the Poor!! by Peter Bohmer, given at the OMJP Community Forum at the Olympia Center, December 6, 2006

The anti-homeless sidewalk ordinances passed last Tuesday, November28th are one more pinprick in the war against the poor, against homeless and street people. It is part of the ongoing attempt to criminalize the poor rather than to determine causes and solutions to poverty, racism, homophobia, the lack of affordable housing and the lack of meaningful work at livable wages. The city government in Olympia and many of its residents just like San Francisco, Santa Cruz and Seattle are very liberal when it comes to opposing Bush and the war in Iraq, in denouncing the Nazis, and preaching tolerance but unfortunately, this does not extend to doing what is necessary to end poverty and homelessness in Olympia. The city council, with a few exceptions, like TJ Johnson, represents the homeowners and the businesses owners, not those with the least power and resources. We need to make it clear by our words and actions that we want a city council, a school board…

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Housing and Homelsssness Panel Fall 2006, Olympia

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