Participatory Socialism: There is an Alternative

This is the complete text of the talk, “Participatory Socialism: There is an Alternative!” that  I gave in Thessaloniki, Greece at the A-fest, Festival of Anti-Authoritarians on Thursday,  Sept 9th, 2010.  I give reasons why it is important to have a vision of the society that we want and need. Drawing on the work of Michael Albert and Robin Hahnel, I sketch out the principles and key institutions of a participatory socialist society.  I conclude with comments on Venezuela’s construction of “Socialism For the 21st Century”.

Participatory Socialism: There is an Alternative

One thought on “Participatory Socialism: There is an Alternative

  1. I do believe you have hit that spot on. You’ve made some really good points and I ‘m delighted to see somebody with this perspective. Maybe you have a number of haters because of this, but I am sure you’ll live.

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