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No War with Russia over the Ukraine: Diplomacy Not War

Here is the leaflet we are handing out as part of the national day of action against U.S. escalation. Our rally is Saturday, February 5th from Noon to 1 by the State Capital, on the  street , Capital Way (just south of Union) in Olympia, WA. Join us!


We are on the brink of a massive war between the US and Russia – two nuclear-armed states.
The time to speak out is NOW!
We are here on February 5, 2022 to demand an end to the drumbeat of war with Russia over Ukraine! President Biden has just sent 3000 US troops to countries on the border with Ukraine and near Russia.


Let us do what we can to stop the growing escalation and threat of a war on Ukrainian soil and possibly beyond, between Russia and the U.S.  The Ukrainian people would pay a horrible price. The dangerous escalation at the Russian/Ukrainian border standoff intensifies.  Biden is also considering sending more warships and aircraft and has already delivered more “lethal aid” to Ukraine.  The $500 million Congress is set to pass through a fast-track vote could and should be used on communities, climate and needs at home. The Pentagon has said that there is the possibility of sending as many as 50,000 troops!
We do not support the Russian massing of troops on the Ukrainian border nor their annexing by Russia of Crimea in 2014.  However, not mentioned by the Biden administration nor most of the U.S. media, is the failure of the U.S. government to live up to its promise made in 1990 by then-Secretary of State James Baker to Russian leader, Gorbachev, that NATO would expand not “one inch to the East” and that the Ukraine would not become a part of NATO.  Since 1999, NATO has expanded to include numerous countries, including some that border Russia. Rather than dismissing out of hand the Russian government’s current insistence on a written guarantee that Ukraine will not become part of NATO, the U.S. government should agree to a long-term moratorium on any NATO expansion. Russia and its President Putin have offered to deescalate the situation if Ukraine remains a neutral country and does not become part of the U.S. led and dominated military alliance, NATO.


We live in the United States, so our main responsibility is challenging the U.S. military buildup. Moreover, by organizing in the U.S. against U.S. military escalation and threats to go to war with Russia, and instead, in favor of diplomatic solutions, we are encouraging groups in the Ukraine and Russia who support peace and who are against the growing militarization of the situation. It will increase their credibility and influence. The U.S.  military escalation and sending of troops to Poland and Romania lead to justification in Russia for their military escalation.


The only solutions are diplomatic ones. Let us end the forever wars of the United States, the U.S military buildup, and the continued growth of military spending. Let us stop the danger of a major war between two nuclear powers.


Join this rally to demand: DIPLOMACY, NOT WAR;



This is a peaceful, nonviolent event.  Masks & distancing, please.


This rally coincides with activities around the country, led by Code Pink to resist the normalization of war and demand that not a single bullet or gun be sent to Ukraine, and no troops be sent to Europe.                Diplomacy not war!


Sponsored by Economics for Everyone, facebook.com/EconomicsforEveryoneOly/

Facebook Event Page: https://fb.me/e/10KBscXG2