TheĀ 21st Evergreen International Phage Meeting is drawing nearer and we are greatly looking forward to seeing all of you here! A take a look at the current draft of the meeting’s schedule and more information for attendees.

The Committee is currently selecting the remaining talks from among the submitted abstracts; if you asked to talk, you should hear by June 13 whether your abstract was selected for a talk or you will be simply giving a poster presentation.

Speakers, you will also then receive information on the scheduled timing of your talk. You are also encouraged to also put up a poster to facilitate discussion throughout the meeting, especially if you have a lot of data.

The meeting isĀ scheduled for August 2nd through August 7th, 2015. Register online now!
Pay online, Review Abstract Guidelines

Several sessions at the 20th meeting were filmed and a number of talks are posted on our Youtube channel.

You can purchase phage lab and meeting merchandise from the Evergreen book store.

Please feel free to contact us about all relevant inquiries, such as questions from students, the press, or any other reasonable business at t4phage@evergreen.edu.