2015 Evergreen Meeting

Online registration is now available for the 21st Biennial Evergreen International Phage Meeting, celebrating the centennial of the discovery of phage, August 2-7, 2015.

Registration is still open, but you must register by Friday the 17th if you are planning to stay on campus

A take a look at the current draft of the meeting’s schedule and more information for attendees.

All attendees, please fill out our logistics form with important questions about Mt. Rainier, flight information, and posters.

Registration covers accommodation in the Evergreen dorms and breakfast, lunch and dinner in the Evergreen cafeteria for the duration of the meeting (August 2 until August 7). Registration is $150 less if you are not staying on campus.

If you register before May 1st, 100$ will be subtracted from your registration fee as long as payment arrangements are made by June 5th. Confirm your registration payment here.

Registration fees after May 1st are as follows:

  • Students and guests – $550
  • Academics – $700
  • Corporate – $800

June 5th is the deadline for paying either the full registration cost or a minimum non-refundable $100 deposit to guarantee your spot in registration. If you are still waiting for approval for funding or a visa application you can delay paying the registration or deposit fee you need to inform us at tescphage@gmail.com before June 5th.

July 1st is the final deadline when registration fees must be paid in full. If you’re still awaiting funding approval or visa requests please contact us at tescphage@gmail.com so we can make alternate arrangements.

There will be some funds to support registration fees, primarily for students and for participants from underdeveloped countries. Applicants for such assistance should send requests for aid as soon as possible. You may also request support letters for visa applications and for applying elsewhere for travel support. Send draft abstracts if you want to be considered for giving an oral presentation or for any registration support.

Some rooms in the dorms will be available before the meeting starting July 31 and after the meeting until August 11 for $35/night by prior arrangement.